Trip to Amsterdam & Poland Part 1



As you all might know by now I went on a five week trip to Europe and I visited quite a few different places. My first stop was Amsterdam which was a interesting place to visit, it kind of reminds me of Paris in its architecture within the buildings. I visited the Van Gogh museum which was great, given that I had to wait over an hour to get in it was well worth it. All the artwork was interesting and to see his artwork right up close with all the details was great. I also went to Anne Frank museum which was a moving experience and definitely worth a visit for anyone who is planning to go to Amsterdam. I also went out into the countryside and visited a popular place called Volendam where there is a main fishing dock and is a popular tourist spot. I was only there for three days in total but overall I found Amsterdam to be a interesting place to visit and a unique place.

Amsterdam_2 Amsterdam_3

The next stop was Poland, I took a train from Amsterdam to Poznan overnight and arrived there in the morning. I have been to Poland a few years before and had been to a few places but decided to explore more of Poland the second time around. I spent a few days in Poznan’s just exploring the town a little bit and doing a little shopping as well. Poznan’s is very old town compared to other parts of Poland that I have seen but it has its own charm to it as well. After the few days I hired a car headed off to Torun which was a small town in the upper part of Poland, I went and saw the little town centre then headed to Malbork where there is a huge castle which was bombed in World War II which I visited and it housed amber artifacts, medieval artifacts, army artifacts and different miscellous artifacts. The building was huge and had a lot of different stalls outside of it as well. This building was only half built since World War II back to what it originally looked like. I stayed there overnight then headed to Gdarisk where there was a festival on with lots of stalls selling different goods from food, gifts and all sort of stuff also went around the old town square.



After visiting there I went to Margowo which has a huge lake which was quite peaceful but wasn’t much there attraction wise so only stayed there for the night. Then headed to Bialowieza which is a National Park on the border to Belarus it is a huge National Park which has Bison’s (which sadly didn’t see only a stuffed one) it has been mostly been protected because it was only ever used by royalty of Poland to hunt in and was banned from local people. Visited the local park and the museum there too and also the observation deck that looks over some of the National Park. The next day went to Zamose where there is a old rotunda and a castle which housed royalty, only stayed the night because I decided to head to Zakopane which is a skiing resort in the winter and in the summer can hike up the mountains that surround this little town. What can I say its literally like a tourist trap even though it is quite a lovely place, it can have the feeling of being just too busy. After visiting there went to visit relatives in Warclaw for a few days and pretty much stuff myself like a pig with food. After a few days I headed back towards Krakow which was where I was flying out from but I made one more stop to visit the Black Madonna in CzÄ™stochowa, which was quite moving and can not explain what the experience was like in words. Then it was a flight from Krakow heading towards London where I will talk about my experience there and more in my second post.


Thank you if you read the whole post, I know this was long post and let me know if you have dream place that you want to go to in the comments below.

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