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6 reasons why travel is good for your health!

  We all know a holiday is good for us right?  But just how good is it really? Travelling has a number of amazing benefits, both to our health and physical well-being, but also to our state of mind. Here are 6 reasons why you should jump online and book your next holiday quick smart! […]

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Trip to London & Italy Part Two

London_2 (more…)

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Trip to Amsterdam & Poland Part 1


Poland_1 (more…)

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How to pack Luggage

I have a few tips on how to pack your luggage, as my mum always calls me the packing expert when it comes to packing luggage. I thought I would share some of my knowledge and tips on how to pack and what to pack. Of course this is what I tend to stick with when travelling since I often buy a lot of things when travelling so I tend to pack light. (more…)

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Going Away


So I’m going away for five weeks so I won’t be blogging as usual, though I will have some blog post already scheduled but won’t be my usual posts up. (more…)

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What to pack in a Carry On

I’m planning on travelling next month for five weeks and I thought I will show you what I take as my carry on luggage on a plane.


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