Top 5 Lush Products


Well you all might know by now that I have a slight addiction to Lush products and I’m not afraid to express my appreciating and love for the brand. I don’t want to bore you with how great Lush is if you want to find out more about Lush you can check out my pervious post. Today I’m going to narrow down what are my top five most favourite products from Lush and I have to say this was a little hard to really narrow since I love almost every product from Lush.

1. Lip Scrubs – I love there lip scrubs currently I’m using the Popcorn flavour but you can get it in other flavours too. I use this when my lips are really dry and just need just that extra TLC and you can eat it which is a double win. This is also good to use it before you apply lipstick since it meant to allow it to stick better on your lips (so I’ve been told).

2. R & B Hair Moisturiser – I originally got this because I have found that my hair gets frizz specially in the summer months. I thought this would help in controlling my hair when it gets frizz. I use this when I have just washed my hair or if I feel my hair needs it. You only need a little since it is created for really fizz hair and I’ve found that this has helped calmed down my fizz which is great.

3. Stepping Stone Foot Scrub – I have really bad feet and love to pamper my feet on occasions and love using this when soaking my feet. It makes my feet feel way better afterwards. There doesn’t need to be a lot used too and I have had this for almost a year and still great.

4. Shower Gel – I love the shower gels at Lush at the moment I’m using the limited edition Rose Jam which has a lovely rose scent to it and compared to the other shower gels actually foams up really well. Overall I have found the shower gels to be really great and leave such a great smell afterwards.

5. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner – I think this is genius and is great if you forget like me to moisturise┬ásometimes, this can be easily applied in the shower and washed off. This has left my skin feeling so soft and great I have gone off using other moisturisers.

That’s it for my favourite Lush products at the moment. Let me know in the comments below what are your favourite products from Lush?