Salted Caramel Macarons

Hi all, so I thought I would have a try at making macarons. I have recently become obsessed with trying out different macarons and have heard how they can be quite difficult to make at times. I think thats why I decided to use a packed version, that way I could kind of do it a easier way. Well I have say they didn’t turn out that great but its all about the taste right?


This what the box saids you need to make the macarons and the ingredients inside the box. The recipe is on the box which I will loosely go through within the pictures below.

Tracing out the outline for the macarons
Mixing up the meringue mixture with 1/4 cup of water till stiff pecks
Piping out the meringue mixture (allow it to rest for 10 minutes)
Allow the macarons to cool before peeling them off the baking paper
Making the filling 30g of butter and salt flakes is optional
Assemble the macarons

This the final results of what the macarons ended up looking like. Yum right?

Final_1       Final_2

This what the books looks like if any of you are interested in going and trying out yourselves.

Box_!             Box_@

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