Room Decor




Of late I’ve been kind of collecting a few pieces to decorate my walls in my room and around my room. As you will see from the photos I have a very collective tendencies for odd combinations of artworks and my tastes tends to vary. I often find my artworks from Etsy which is great to find sometimes cheap but really cool art and illustration that are made by really great people. The inspiring quote from John Lennon is from a magazine which publishes crafting books and various other stuff called Flow which is such a great and interesting magazine to read if you ever find it. I also have quite a haul of owl figurines which I really love collecting. Of course I have way too many owl related things but I LOVE owls. I have a lot of items that I have collected while overseas too. The Black Madonna picture of course it from where the Black Madonna is placed in Poland and I keep her there as well as a Mother Mary stature which was given to my mother by her godmother so I like to keep it also. I got a plant from Ikea a while ago (its fake so don’t have maintenance there) which I really like it just adds a little texture to top of the book shelve. Lately I have been really getting into some old anime series that I use to watch as a kid/teenager and have been buying figurines as a result what can I say I love little figurines of my old anime characters they just look really cool and cute. Of course they are of Sailor Moon and her crew as well as Sakura from Cardcaptors and the whole squad of Cyborg 009. That is it for my little post on decorating my walls and my room comment below.