Picking a Natural Deodorant



This has been one of the hardest things for me to find specially since I sweat a lot and surprisingly there are quite a few different brands and variety of natural deodorant out there. Right now I have about three different deodorants that I’m using on and off depending on what I need it for. I have found that making the transition to using more natural products, that finding a deodorant that works and does not make you stink or feel wet the most hardest thing to find specially a product that will balance the two. I have also had allergic reactions to some deodorants, which I guess can be expected since many products have essential oils which doesn’t always agree with everyones skin.

I do recommend looking at reviews if you can on the products because they are often the most telling whether the product will work for you or not. The three that I have mention below are the ones that are working for me when I need them. Doesn’t mean it will work for you but again its trial and error with a lot of natural products.

WooHoo! Deodorant paste $17.95

I wasn’t sure at first if this deodorant will work specially when I tend to sweat quite a bit. I found that I tend to use this after I get out of the shower it works well if I’m not doing too much. It doesn’t really stop me from over sweating (I tend to get hot easily just by doing simple task) it still stops the smell at least which is the main thing. Click here to check it out yourself. There is also Black Chickens which is very similar to this and has good reviews also.


Harmoni’s Kiss Roll on $8.95

As a roll on, it can make you feel wet under the arm which isn’t always a nice feeling. I found that this you had to shake it before use otherwise I tended to smell quite a bit afterwards. Trial and error here. It works for me when I know I’m going to sweat quite a bit. Check it out here for yourself.


Crystal Rock Deodorant $9.95

I personally am not sure about this product as I tend to at the moment not use this as much compared with the other two. I found this to be annoying that you have to wet it before applying and it tended to make your shirt wet at the same time because it drips down. Overall its not user friendly if your going to apply this while getting dress personally. Though it is easier if you have a spray bottle or thermal water can. Check it out here.


Leave a comment below if you have any recommendations for natural deodorants.


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