How to pack Luggage

I have a few tips on how to pack your luggage, as my mum always calls me the packing expert when it comes to packing luggage. I thought I would share some of my knowledge and tips on how to pack and what to pack. Of course this is what I tend to stick with when travelling since I often buy a lot of things when travelling so I tend to pack light.

I prefer to use the roll method instead of folding my clothes, since it uses less space and can fit a lot more in a suitcase. There is also Missglammorazzi who uses cubes that is also a great idea if you have a bigger suitcase. I’ll link to her video¬†where she does through how to pack and what to pack in each cube.

Luggage 1

I always just have one pair of jeans with a few tops and a few dresses with tights, thats what I tend to stick with when it comes to packing. I also stick with only one or two pairs of shoes ideally good walking shoes (always do a lot of walking and prefer to have ones that are good and if they wear out I just thrown them out). Depending if it is going to be cold or warm where I am going too I tend to at least pack a cardigan or some sort of jumper (have been caught out a few times where the weather has turned south) it is always handy to have just in case and saves having to buy something that you won’t wear again anyway.

Luggage 2

I just recently bought a new toiletry travel bag to take with me which has plenty of room to place all my skincare and shower needs in one case. I also bought a new makeup travel bag for all my makeup, I’m planning on not take too much makeup on my trip. Thats why I have a small makeup case forces me to not take too much makeup only what I would use everyday.

Makeup bag

Typo Bag inside Typo Bag






So thats it for my tips on packing luggage hope you find this post informative.

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