Oh! Carnaval 2015 By Paul&Joe



I saw this on sale around the time that the Boxing Day sales were on which every store has around this time of year. So I decided to buy a little collection of makeup by Paul&Joe which I have always found their packaging really interesting, even though they have the same sort of makeup like everyone else I really liked there packaging really. I know it might make me sound stupid to buy something because the packaging looked good but when I see something that is visual appealing to my eye I just have to get it. It’s a weird thing but I just have an eye for things in general really. Back to what this post is about I bought this a while ago.

Eye Colours

I love the packaging it is a little different from the average eyeshadows, it works so well at being really compact and easy to travel with. Great colour selection of two dark shades and three light. I chose this one because the eye colours were more blue then the usual natural or red shadows that come in a lot of kits like this and I don’t have a lot of blue eyeshadows in my makeup collections.

Creamy Cheek Colour 

It is a nice pink/orange blush which could be used as a lip stick as well because it has a thick consistency. It is liquid so not a lot is needed really for the cheeks to create a nice blushing look but is easy to be over done. It is easy to blend out with a brush it has a great bright colour to it.

Waterproof Eye Liner

At first I didn’t like this eye liner but I like using a liquid eye liner for many years now that using crayon one like this is a little tricky for me since I suck at making a straight line along my eye but I actually like and it isn’t opaque as some people might like out of their eye liners but it is still a good product.

Rose Treatment Balm

This said on the bottom that it can be used for hair as well as body as a “treatment balm”, it is nice to put on and has a great rose scent to it but I didn’t feel like it did anything to my skin. It wasn’t hydrating (which my skin is really bad at staying hydrated). To me it is more of a perfumed product then anything else.




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