New Fashion

I have recently been doing a bit of shopping lately and have bought a few new items in my closet. Some of these were on sale and others weren’t really but they are all quite affordable.

This is a polka dot jump suit or romper (if you are from the US) which I fell in love with when I saw it on the Dotty website. Was a perfect fit when I received it and looks great on too.

New-Fashion-2I have lately been getting a lot of T-shirts or tops specially the striped kind for some reason I have been liking this look on me. Also been liking plain T-shirts like white and black T-shirts.

New-Fashion-3I love plaid in a good way, I don’t like it when its over used in a look but I like it in small doses. I like this because it isn’t too thick or too thin so it is a great layering piece.