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There are a lot of different body lotions and oils that are exactly like your day-to-day lotions in your supermarket but are better for you because they don’t have harmful chemicals. I mostly use lotion for my hands or for my legs when I finish a shower, because my skin tends to get really dry it helps to at least try to keep it moisturizer. (that is if I remember to do it) I’m picky with lotions, I don’t like to feel greasy afterwards. I don’t fuss over body lotion but I’m trying to keep my skin more moisturised and healthy looking. The hardest thing to find is a hand cream that helps in making my skin not feel so dry after a few hours after using, I have yet to find a natural lotion one that doesn’t do this.

Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Hand Cream $16.95 – 

I didn’t mind this hand cream I have tried quite a few hand creams because I work a lot with my hands and wash them too, they tend to get dry and flake. So I like to have a cream that absorbs easily into the skin but doesn’t leave that greasy feeling that some hand creams can. It is a small tub but a little goes a long way. Check it out here.


Bodhi Massage Oil (Orange Ginger) $19.95 –

I bought this quite a while ago on Sephora, its sadly not on the website anymore. I didn’t really use this at all since it was quite oily to apply and stayed that way for a long time. Which for me personally I didn’t like it. For the price of it isn’t bad product off you’re looking for a nice body oil. (sorry but I can’t link this to a website that supplies it)


100% Pure French Lavender Nourishing Body Cream $29.95 –

It is a good thick body lotion if you like that consistence. It’s not greasy and moisturises the skin well. Beside the price this isn’t the most cheapest of lotion out there but its a nice one overall. Click here to check it out. The only thing I find annoying with this lotion is the packaging as you can’t get all of the lotion out of it.


Weleda Foot Balm $20.95 –

This is a great foot balm if you want to calm your feet from a long day. This is not the most hydrating of foot lotions but it’s still moisturises the skin, keeping your feet feeling fresh. Click here for more.


Vegesorb $16.95 – 

This was one of the first body lotions I bought when changing over to more natural products. I don’t mind it since I still use it to this day. It lasts a long time and moisturises the skin well. It also has multiple uses other than body lotion it can be used for makeup removal or as a body wash. Its made mostly from plant extracts and vegetable oils. Click here to check it out. This has value for price if you’re looking for a multiple use item.


Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion $25.95 –

I like this lotion. It is nice consistence but a little watery compared to the 100% Pure body cream but it still is hydrating to the skin. I don’t know if I will repurchase this but all in all it is a good lotion. Click here to find out more.


 Thanks for reading. Comment below any suggestions?  🙂


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