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I have just recently been trying out different natural hair products. There are plenty of different natural hair products out there depending on what you want to do with your hair. I have been looking for a hair product which could help with taming my frizz hair and keep it soft and healthy looking.

Yarok Feed Your Curls $49.95 – 

I like this but I don’t know if it completely stops my hair from frizzing, it does help. Only down side is that the residue does come off onto my hair brushes. It does leave a nice silky feeling on my hair afterwards. I have found that it leaves my ends quite dry and hard to brush out.

Weleda Revitalising Hair Tonic $19.95 – 

I have been using this on and off for a few months now. I haven’t really seen any difference with my hair in general. It helps the roots to stay moist.

Acura Leave-in Conditioner $16.95 – 

I love using this on my ends of my hair. Though it does leave a little residue on my hair it keeps the frizz away.

Andalou Naturals Hair Spray $13.95 – 

When I first got rid of all my hair sprays I was a worried that I may not find a natural alternative. I did find one which I love to use to smooth out my fizzy hair at times specially with work. Though it has a spritzer attachment instead of the more common spray . Overall this is a great hair spray.

 Giovanni 2Chic Avocado and Olive Oil Anti-Frizz Serum Oil $14.95

I only just recently decided to purchase this and found it surprisingly effective in at least calming down my fizzy hair. You don’t need a whole lot to use on your hand only a few pumps. Its more of a serum quality to the hair.

Eco Argan Hair Oil $19.95 –

This works really well on my ends when they need a little TLC, specially in the summer months it has been helpful in making my ends look less dry. You don’t need a lot of this, only about the amount of a five cent piece at best. It can leave your hair feeling oily if you use to much.

No Drought Dry Shampoo $13.95 – 

 I had been looking for a more natural dry shampoo and came across Lush’s No Drought one. I don’t mind this, it does the job but can be a little messy with the powder tending to get onto my clothes and floor most of the time.

Let me know in the comments any other products you recommend using.


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