Natural Hair Masks and Treatments

Lately I’ve been looking for a good hair mask or treatment to help keep my hair feeling nice and soft, since my hair is general quite dry in texture and I don’t often wash it. I tend to try to only wash it two times a week really. There isn’t a lot of natural hair mask out in the market either and I have found many of them have coconut oil in it which for me does nothing for my hair. I know many people love to use it in their hair but for me it does nothing really. Down below is my honest review of each product doesn’t mean they won’t work for you.

Acure Deep Root Conditioner $29.95 –

I really like this mask though i have to use quite a bit of it because of my long hair. It has a nice mint/peppermint smell to it which from doing research helps your hair to grow. I only use every now and then when my hair needs it.

Organic Shop Avocado & Honey Hair Mask $10.95 –

I didn’t mind this mask but felt that it just didn’t really do much to my hair. For the price it’s not a bad mask if you have finer hair than mind but I have thicker hair and just needs a lot of hydration.

Kelapa Organics Coconut Oil Conditioning Treatment $29.95 –

This is one of those products which to be honest I’m a little disappointed in but I wasn’t surprised that it did nothing for my hair. I have found over the years with other products that have coconut oil in it that it just does nothing for my hair just makes it feel dry and look heavy really (if that makes any sense).

Giovanni 2chic Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra Moist Hair Mask $14.95 – 

I have found this to really put moisture into my hair sadly it doesn’t last more than a day or two. It does the job in making my hair feel soft and shiny.

Giovanni 2chic Ultra Repair Intensive Hair Mask $14.95 –

Even though it has coconut milk in it I originally thought this wouldn’t do anything for my hair but I was surprise that it did put moisture into my hair. It makes my hair feel nice and soft and shiny looking.






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