Minimise Your Closet


Minimise-your-closet-3For many years now I have tried to slowly minimise what I have in my closet into just a few key piece that I mostly use and having clothes that can be easily styles in many different ways. Lately I have been going through a phase where I have been really changing my fashion sense (I think that is what you call it), I kind of been inspired by a few Youtubers who have a very minimalistic style. So I have slowly been just buying stuff and getting rid of items of clothing that just don’t suit me anymore. The main thing that I do when getting rid of a piece of clothing is to really ask myself have I really worn this in like the past couple of months. If its no then obviously I get rid of it and if its yes then it stays. I have to say that I do this quite a lot through out the year sometimes I just get an urge to get rid of stuff sometimes. I just feels like a cleansing of my life in a strange sort of way. I’m not someone who tends to hold on to things that I really don’t have a use for. I either sell some of my clothes on Ebay or give it away to charity. I guess my point with this post is that we can all in some way minimise not just your closet but your own life as well.

Let me know in the comments below if you try and live your life as minimalist as possible.