Makeup Tips for People who wear Glasses

As I frequently wear glasses because I can’t see without them and can not stand wearing contacts also. So I have a few tips for wearing makeup and glasses together. Firstly its important that your eyebrows look filled in and looking good, as it is eyebrows that will define your face since your glasses will cover mostly the eye area. Another thing is that I personally find that having eyeliner on help makes your eyes look bigger specially with glasses as it can make your eyes look smaller depending on the frame of the glasses. Another tip is to be careful with what mascara you use because it can come off onto your glasses, you can also curl your lashes if you want to avoid it touching but I don’t tend to have that trouble. Another thing is to use highlight on your nose and near your cheeks because it works well to create a good look as the light hit your face. I have never felt that having glasses prohibited me from wearing makeup in any way, you can experiment with different looks to see what works and doesn’t also have fun with it too.

Let me know in the comments below what are your tips for wearing glasses ?