Lush Review

If any of you might not know by now that I’am a huge Lush fan and just can’t stop buying and talking about Lush really. I just recently went through a few Lush products and just wanted to share my thoughts on them as you do on the internet. As I have mostly sticked with body and hair products made by Lush I had been having skin problems and tried out a facial mask that was recommended by the staff at my local shop. Its the Catastrophe Cosmetic which has really help calm down my skin because at late it has been breaking out quite a lot and this has helped so much in kind of stopping my skin from being really dry and unruly.

I love the Rose Jam body wash it is one of the body washes that if I see it in the store or online I immediately grab it since it is limited edition it only comes out around the christmas period. So of course I’ve bought two and might be ordering a few more. That is how obsessed I’am of this body wash it is very unhealthy but I just love the smell. This one out of the main ones which are available all year round actually roams up really well compared with the others.

I tried out the Rub Rub Rub Shower scrub since it coming up to be summer really soon I tend to want to get my skin prepared for it to dry out and I tend to flake a lot so using a scrub helps get rid of the flaking skin. I didn’t really enjoy the smell of this it had a bit of a musky smell similar to what a lot of male shower gels smell like so didn’t like it a whole lot. I prefer the ocean scrub better smell and is a lot more courser in texture.

I also been trying out some different body conditioning products one of them the Percup Massage bar which is really great to use (isn’t pictured because it was pretty disgusting looking in the tin), it worked well in keeping my skin moisturised and feeling nice. I wanted to try it out because of the element of coffee beans meant to stimulate your skin but didn’t really see any results from it. The other was Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie which is really good and smell nice in the shower. Just overall really great at keeping the skin nice and feeling smooth. A lot of there in shower moisturisers are actually really good to use and saves time if you can’t moisturise your skin after the shower. This leaves my skin feeling really nice, it doesn’t take any moisture out from the skin like some products can.

As it is Christmas almost around the corner I will be buying more Lush related items since they have a lot of there limited edition stuff coming out so might do a little haul and review.