Lush Mask of Magnaminty Review


Mask of Manaminty on left and the self preserving one is on the right.

I have for a long time now since I was a teen to be proven to back and chest acne, I even once had it on my upper arms pretty bad as a result I haven’t really found anything till now that could help relief it. I still get acne but it has really helped to make my skin more calm. It has peppermint oil which is meant to help stimulate your skin, it is also very exfoliating towards the skin but in a gentle way with your skin. Also honey which as we all know is a great antibacterial for your skin. This can be also used as a face mask so very versatile. What is also great is that everything is all natural products within this so there is nothing that is harmful to your skin or environment. If you want to try it out the link is here. Lush in Australia just recently released a self-preserving version the mask which I haven’t notice anything differences between the two products only that the self preserving one is less thick and has what looks like a seed mixed throughout it but they create the same results. Hope you liked this little review and tell me the comments below if you tried any other Lush products that you would like for me to review?

I just recently bought some more Lush products so left me know if you want anymore reviews on other Lush products. (I’m not sponsored by Lush in anyway)