L’Oreal Paris Le Blush Review



I noticed just recently that L’Oreal Paris released new set of blushes which caught my eye and as usual I decided to buy more than I should of. I know very typical of me but I just couldn’t help myself. It has lovely packaging though the brush for me is an unnecessary thing to have but it is very clean and the silver is a nice touch to it. They come in a great selection of colours of light and dark pinks and just one orange colour. They are easy to blend and look great on most skin tones. One downside they are easy to break up in the packaging specially if you drop it as one of mine is like that from being in my bag. They are also quite tricky to open too since they are two opening for the blush and brush. They are a little bit pricey at $25 at Priceline, you might be able to get them cheaper at other places but they are worth the price. They are all pigmented and easy pay off with little product needed on the skin.

I got three colours Rosy Cheeks, Candy Cane Pink and Nectarine (the last one was hard to find because it was mostly sold out everywhere I went). Rosy cheeks is very luminous on the skin like any highlight, works well with just a little to blend into the cheeks to create that subtle rosy cheek look. Can not fault this blush though it has broken apart a little in the container its a great blush to have. Candy cane pink blends out into a light pink with a hint of glitter on the cheek, which is only noticeable in the light. This colour could be build up but since there is an obvious sheen tinge to it, can be easy to over do it on the cheeks (the glitter hint doesn’t come out in the photo above but it is quite noticeable if you put it into direct sunlight). Lastly nectarine is a great orange colour which suits my skin tone because I have red cheeks already the orange tends to hide it a little if I get hot. This was a hard blush to find but I wanted it because it is very similar to the Benefits georgia blush.

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