Lemon Biscuit


Lemon-Biscuits-2I haven’t done a food post in a long time and I just recently bought Daisy Lowe’s recipe book and thought I would try out one of her recipes. I have been really on the fence with buying cook books recently mainly because I have quite a few already and most cook books coming out recently have had this healthy point to it not that it is a bad thing but I’m really sceptical of people claiming that their recipes are healthy when they haven’t done research or are trained professionals.

I still really like this book none the less because she has some really nice alternatives to foods that we all love and sometimes have a little too much of. Also I lot of her recipes are really simple and easy to make which I love because it can be really hard when a recipe is a little to complicated to be motived to cook all the time. I tried out her Lemon Biscuit recipe which was so simple and quick to make. The biscuits are really soft to bite into and have a really great lemon taste to them. It doesn’t have any sugar in them only using maple syrup as a substitute. Really healthy as a snack or for afternoon teas. I found her book to be a interesting combination of different recipes all healthy, I’m looking forward to cooking some of the recipes from this book.

What are your thoughts on the new cookbook trend of healthy recipes in the comments below?