The Guest Cat Book Review



I have to say I didn’t really connect straight away with this book when I began reading this but it did start to grow on me. It is quite a interesting look into how people react to pets or animals within there own space environment. I’m a big cat lover if you all couldn’t tell by now, so I was interested in this book from that perspective. It is such a lovely book about loving a cat even though it really isn’t your own cat. I can kind of relate to the story in that my own cat kind of got adopted by a neighbour next door to me when I was younger, she was a older lady who would sometimes feed her and eventually my cat became her’s. I wasn’t really mad by it as I was young so I just adopted another cat which I have now, so it wasn’t a bad thing really. Cats are funny creatures and can show different sides to themselves much like humans do which is properly why people love to keep them as pets. It is a very short book but I didn’t really get into it like I do with other books from the get go but overall it isn’t a really bad book. If you want to get this book click here.

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