Glambot Review #3



It has been a while since i have done a haul from Glambot. I have bought quite a few things from them in the last few months so I will just go through a review them all for you.

Stila Lip Enamel Luxe Gloss – Nirvana 

I have recently been looking into buying a few more lip glosses because I don’t have any really, so when I noticed this I liked the colour because it is a nice nude colour to go over any lipstick and not get noticed. The only downside is that the applicator is a little damaged and sticks out but it is still is fine to use. Also it kind of comes off on to my teeth when rubbing in together with my lips which is very hard to get off without getting it onto my finger but thats the only downside really. It is hydrating and as a subtle hint of colour on the lips which I like.

Stila Metal Eyes – Vintage Black Gold 

I love glitter, so when I see makeup with any sort of glitter in it I tend to fall in love with it immediately. This is no exception I love this, it is a great way to add some subtle or over the top glitter effect to your eyeshadow. It has this rich dark gold effect in the container but comes off on the eye as a gold glitter effect which can be easily build able if needed but I like it more when it is subtle look to the eye. It makes my eyes pop a little more with it on really.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow – Medium/Dark

I have had this on my wishlist on Glambot for a while since it has been raved about by a lot of Youtubers and beauty bloggers. It is really expensive and I thought I might find it on Glambot a little cheaper than normally else where. This is for a darker completion then me but I still get use out of it for contouring and bronzing. Beautifully packaged product since I’m a sucker for anything that is remotely art deco inspired design. I completely understand now why this is a raved about beauty product among a lot of people though personally I couldn’t really afford such a product if I didn’t actually save for it. If you want a contouring duo in your makeup this would be the one to have really.

Too Faced Bronzing Powder – Pink Leopard

I love this even though it is a bronzer, I use this more as a blush than anything else. It creates a great pinky glow to my cheeks which I like. Their isn’t anything to fault with this also it has a duo function of being a bronzer and blush in one so can be used for any purpose you need really. Overall great pigmentation on the skin and great for any complexion.

Tarte Bronzer Blush – Pink Bronze 

This in my opinion is a weird product because it obviously has a glitter element to it but it doesn’t show off on the skin and it is a really hard product to apply as well. I had to really rub my brush into it and tried a few different ones to be exact to try to apply this onto my cheeks. It doesn’t have any colour pay off on to the skin at best it looks like a subtle rosy cheek effect. I have found with Tarte that a lot of their products aren’t that great in all honesty specially since they are meant to be a high-end brand of makeup, you are expecting a little more than you would have a drug store item.

Makeup Forever Sculpting Kit 

I like this contour kit even though the bronzer is a little dark for my skin, it still works well when blended. The highlighter is also great along the upper cheek/eye area and nose. Really isn’t anything to fault with this product. The quality of it is great and hasn’t been used a whole lot. I’m more of a fan of products that are like this just two products than a contour palette because I feel some powders get wasted if your using it yourself, I feel if you’re not a makeup artist that will properly get more use out of it than someone who just likes to wear makeup.





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