Freedom Japanese Market

I have heard a lot about different Japanese candy box subscriptions so I thought I would try out this company Freedom Japanese Market. I gotten the March subscriptions, it does come nearly a month after paying but thats shipping.


Carmel Corn – These are really sweet with a nice carmel smell that comes from it when it is opened. One is pinky coloured and the other is white coloured. The pink one tastes like peach and is nice  and the other is more plain in taste but has a slight carmel after taste.


Hi-Chew – I got a apple and grape one, these are just chewing gum and are really hard. Nice taste.


Kaki Wasabi – Nasty taste to them didn’t like them at all. They are like rice crackers with with wasabi flavour to them.


Strawberry Mini Bottle – Has a nice strawberry taste just little beads that melt in your mouth are great.


Umaibo – I heard a lot about these snacks and really looked forward to eating these. I think I had beef and pork flavours, they weren’t too bad really nice snacks to eat.


Pretz – These are just pretzel sticks with sugar on them, really sweet and nice to eat.


Sono Manma Cola Gum – Taste like cola when first put into my month when I had a bite down really really sour taste came out and I could not finish it. I had to spit it out but really nice if you like cola flavoured snacks.


Yuki no Tado – just rice crackers in icing really nothing exciting about them.


Neru Neru NeruNe – This is a little DIY candy which was really simple. Creating some purple fluff with sprinkles, really sweet and strong taste of grape as well. Also comes with stickers.


Bonus snack Rilakkuma Soft Sen – Just rice crackers again shaped in characters on the packet. Really ordinary really I’m not a real fan of rice crackers in all honesty.

I found this box to be great for the price that you pay and comes with a document that tells you what everything is and is clearly stated. You can also buy certain snacks that you like individually by them also. It is $25 a month for a subscription box or like I did you can get a sample one for $27 to try to it out. Check it out here if you want to know more about the company. This is great if you love trying out new things and different candies. (this isn’t sponsor post I bought this myself)