Too Faced Melted Lipsticks



I have to confess that I have own these for quite a while but kind of don’t use them as much since I have a little lipstick obsession in hoarding ridiculously amounts of lipsticks for no apparent reason other than I love lipstick colours. Anyway I thought I would actually go through my lipsticks and do a little review on some of them.

The violet on my hand comes off glossy but on the lips appears satin looking and is a really nice colour which I don’t know why I don’t wear it more often maybe because I have been more drawn to pinks and nudes at the moment. The application is really easy to use though it can’t be cleaned really well because it is a sponge at the end of it but it doesn’t tend to cake on it which makes the product last a little longer.

The nude is quite matte and kind of doesn’t do anything to my lips in regards to adding colour which I like, I prefer the Colourpops Tootsi which comes off a lot nicer on my lips. It is still a good nude to have and can be layered with a lip gloss on top to create a nice lip look. They have a nice fragrance to them also. The only downside to these is that they are a little expensive at $33.00, you can get cheaper lipsticks but they are worth the price for the results and the colour payoff. Another thing there isn’t much to choose from the colours there is only a red, pink and orange-red along with these two. You can check them out in the link here┬áthere are also reviews there.




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