DIY Clay Plates




I wanted to do just a DIY project specially since it is a new year helps to do something more productive with my time. I haven’t played around with clay since my high school days in art. I just bought a clay which is air dry helps because it is quick to dry which I found it dried within a day. It also helps to have a template of a plate that you like to use to create with. I should have bought some sculpting tools but I just used my hands, I didn’t really go into this hoping to have a perfect product. I also used stamps to add some texture to the plates because there small it easier to do. After they dried I painted first white paint over the top just like a primer for the actual paint to stick and looks a lot nicer then just applying it over the clay. I then painted both the front and back of it, I kind of played around with one of them just applying funky colours together and the others I just stayed with just one colour.

Lastly I added a clear gloss varnish over the top this protects it from getting damage on the paint itself and makes it look nice too. In the end I think I liked how these plates turned out. These can be hanged on a wall as a little art piece or given as gifts for people also can be used to display jewellery. Such an easy diy project to do over a weekend.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any diy project that you plan to do this new year.

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