DIY Button Coasters





I was given some buttons a while ago and I wanted to do something with them. I found these wooden flower coasters so I decided to decorate them with these buttons. I’m not sure where these are from but you can find some nice ones on Esty or Ebay. These are really colourful buttons and look great on these coasters. I used my Mod Podge both to stick the buttons on and as a sealer on top. It did take over 24 hours to allow them to dry but putting a sealer on top made it more protected when being used with cups that are hot. There wasn’t really any colour coordination going on here with the coloured buttons more so with the shapes and making sure there wasn’t really a lot of gaps in between the shapes themselves. Lastly I painted the back of the coasters with white paint, just as an add look to the coasters (personally you don’t have to do it but just makes them look better). This is overall a very simple and easy DIY to do in just a few days.

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