Colourpop Lipsticks


Colourpop has been all over the place at the moment and everyone is loving this brand. I love how affordable and great quality all of their products are. I specially love there lipsticks in particular, I have bought five in total but I’m sure I will be buying more in the future. All of my lipstix I have are matte, there is satin, glossy, creme and sheer varieties. They are easy to apply and are cut at an angle that helps the application to the lips quite easy. There are also a great range of different colours to the usual colours to blues and greens.

I have three different shades of red, a purple and nude coloured lipstixs. First off Dalia is a dark red, it is a really great red to have as a staple, it is quite smooth to apply it also has that hint of brown to it. I love this colour if you want your lips to be really bold. Then there is Bichette another red but it is lighter than Dalia with a more pink undertone to it, works well with a lighter eyeshadow look. I Love This is a light pink, it isn’t a neon pink but a light pink looks great on the lips. Leather is a dark purple which I love as a colour on my lips, this a great colour if you like purple specially since I had quite a few lipstick that were this colour by accident. Lastly is Tootsi which is a nude colour, I often use this with a lip gloss underneath and it is a great nude lip colour to have if you want to down play your lips in a look.

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