Australis Velourlips Lip Creams



Just recently Australis released a new range of lip creams which are very similar to the NYX matte lip creams. So I bought only two colours but they have a quite a few different colours ranging from reds, pinks, nudes and purples. They have a really great colour pay off for the price (they are only $10.49), they are very creamy and easy to apply to your lips. They do feel quite cakey after a while on the lips but they dry matte. The only downside if it were to lip creams is that they heavily scented with a smell like candy floss in a way which is fine if you like that but kind of sicken smell to it for me. Though in comparison to the NYX lip creams, these aren’t as a great because of the cakey feeling they leave which doesn’t happen with NYX but for the price of them they are still a great product.

I chose the dark red which is Doo-Bai which I love and have way too many dark red lipstick anyway because it is a great colour to wear with anything really, it applied well but needed a another layer if you wanted it darker. The orange which is San-Fran-Disco I really love a good orange red because it looks really good on the lips and is great for summer to have something fun to wear but this was really cakey (it stuck on my lips a lot when I was applying it) but I still love the colour even though it is like this. I am still debating on whether I will buy more of these since I have a lot of lipstick already I’m trying not to over spend on things I don’t really need at the moment. Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite lip colour or brand that you always by from?

Check them out here.



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