Day: July 5, 2014

Lush Brand and Review

So I thought I would shake things up a bit and do a little review and overall look at Lush as a brand. Lush have a very interesting brand everything is handmade, locally ethical sourced, fresh and organic, Vegan and Vegetation approved and NO animal testing. That is a lot for a brand to up hold and maintain. It had originally started a Cosmetics to Go which was mail order business and had supplied the Body Shop with their shampoo they eventually failed and started again as Lush in the South of England and steadily grew to the global brand that it is now. They try to reduce their impact on the environment through their packaging and ingredients and on reduce their impact on the local people who they source their ingredients from. This brand is all about sourcing the best quality ingredients, using essential oil and not over processing ingredients and using preserving techniques on ingredients. They are also very actively campaigning not only on animal testing but on a range of different causes. I think they have a great slogan that is the right to make mistakes and start again which is excellent mindset to have for a brand and company. There are now over 700 shops in 46 countries around the world. . doing something right.

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